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Cold Day

It is bitter cold here , after some pleasant temps. This is crazy, it seems Mother Nature is on a roller coaster ride. I didn't waste this time though. I decided to make some homemade bread, maca...... Read More
Posted by wendidawn with 24 comments

If someone were to bring you a nice hot breakfast, what would it be?

I swear right now I smell pancakes, and it's not anything I've done this morning to cause that smell. So a post just popped into my head to ask, what kind of hot breakfast would you like so...... Read More
Posted by sfeastbay with 17 comments

Sven & Charlie!

It is supposed to get brutally cold here again. Last night the NOAA said we were in for a Flash Freeze. I took the 'kid's hiking yesterday since I figured I'd have to wait to take them...... Read More
Posted by LouieLouie with 16 comments

True story

So... I was praying about China, and the virus, and for our own country, and for what I should be doing if anything... I was tired, and sleepy, so... as sometimes happens I dozed off mid-prayer. I was...... Read More
Posted by maggiesnextphase with 15 comments

Dems; Trump Economy? Obama Built it !!!!!!

Larry Elder: Trump's economy is so good that Dems' new talking point is Obama built it By Larry Elder | Creators Syndicate The "expert" predictions of economic disaster should Dona...... Read More
Posted by us2nomads with 14 comments

A Moderate Point of View: I cannot believe that I am agreeing with Rush Limbaugh, but sorry, America is not Ready for a Gay Pre

PERSONAL OPINION/COMMENTARY: Now, before all of you on the Left start to jump on me, you need to remember that in 2008 I was the guy who wrote a Post here at Blogster saying that I did not think Ameri...... Read More
Posted by AMODPOVW with 12 comments

Ms Tech Support

Hubby and I don't usually celebrate Valentine's day. Yesterday hubby treated me like a Queen. Shrimp and steak for dinner. Box of chocolates. Cookie dough brownie icecream for desert. Ohhhh...... Read More
Posted by peacefulthinking with 9 comments

and now...

...back to our regularly scheduled program Sometimes I feel like I want to live Far from the metropolis Just walk through that door Sometimes I feel like I want to fly Reach out to the painted sky A...... Read More
Posted by nemo4sun with 9 comments

Spaz Tracks

So my little chipmunk friend, Spaz, has made an appearance! There is something amusing about his little footprints in the snow... I put a little piece of a cookie out there the other day and its all g...... Read More
Posted by Zoey-Mae with 8 comments

Health Issues Can Be Scary

The area I usually shop in has a lot of Japanese and Chinese. I'm not sure if they're visiting, here on a visa, going to college or if they are American citizens living there. I just know I...... Read More
Posted by AmalaTsering with 8 comments

Under my bed.

Edit This Post Bubba went to a psychiatrist. " I've got problems. Every time I go to bed I think there's somebody under it. I'm scared. I think I'm going crazy." ...... Read More
Posted by ActionTime with 8 comments

Winter Blues

I am sick of winter, I am sick of wondering when the flu will hit AL here, I am tired of the fake news , I am so tired of the liberal candidates and their wuzzy ideas and hate for the president, I nee...... Read More
Posted by tesstruhartz1 with 7 comments

My Facebook Moment This Evening

(well, damn, you get to see a recent pic of me...YUCK! ) "I go back to work tomorrow and you ask me how I feel about that? Hmmmm.....let me think about that for a minute....­čśé ­čśé"...... Read More
Posted by blogmom with 7 comments


COVID-19 — something has been bothering me about this outbreak and then it hit me; could this be a trial run/population control that China wanted and needed. Then a friend sent me a video talkin...... Read More
Posted by MsPurrrrfect with 6 comments

Mr. Trump... Don't Go Changin'... We need you just the way you are!

P L E A S E . . . Don't Go Changin'... Mr. Trump... ÔÇő Mr. President, don't go changin' Lloyd Marcus February 12, 2020 On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace implied that Trump b...... Read More
Posted by FedUpToHere with 6 comments

Snowman Monday

This is a photo post containing 3 photos... Read More
Posted by ricciw55 with 6 comments

That Day Again!

Friday the thirteenth came on Thursday this was a close call...... Read More
Posted by bigfatdaddy with 5 comments

The weaklings among us eschew criticism; allowing no comments...

The blogster Ceilede posts an article written by Elie Mystal (The Nation's "Justice Correspondent". Take note that The Nation a priori holds objective morality to be absurd. And note fu...... Read More
Posted by tjdonegan with 5 comments

Scared of the CORONAVIRUS

HI GUYS, I live in Los Angeles, and i've been freaking out about this. What are your thoughts on COVID-19? Terrified? Bioweapon...... Read More
Posted by thesavagette with 5 comments

Good Night!

May the Comforter of our Lord's Love cover each and everyone here, especially in the Northern half of the U.S. An Artic Cold front has started, and it's going to get mighty cold tonight, an...... Read More
Posted by ellie1142545 with 4 comments

Just read this....

Bestiality Now Very Bad - While the Republican-led State Assembly on Tuesday could not go along with a bipartisan bill to streamline how sexual assault testing kits are processed, lawmakers did hike...... Read More
Posted by Jollyonehere with 4 comments

2-14-20 Love Quoter

“You think because he doesn't love you that you are worthless. You think that because he doesn't want you anymore that he is right -- that his judgement and opinion of you are correct...... Read More
Posted by BrotherDocs with 4 comments

Fight Back Against Barr! Or Else WeÔÇÖll Be TrappedÔÇŽ Forever.

Bill Barr Is Even Worse Than You Realize The attorney general is on a tear, shredding the rule of law, just as he threatened he would. By Elie MystalTwitter Attorney General William Barr promised he w...... Read More
Posted by ceilede with 3 comments

truth in the eyesocket of AmalaTsering

This woman, who has her head buried to the neck in the sphincter of serial liars, propagandists and conspiracy theorists that she can no longer handle seeing truth and decency has been raging ever sin...... Read More
Posted by beingnobody with 3 comments

Latest Scarly Tour Guide - Germany

...... Read More
Posted by Oakie2012 with 3 comments

Mother Nature is warning us but we aren't listening!

It is the middle of February and we are in the 80s with loads of sun and most of the day not a cloud in the sky! We have broken record highs and yet people are still denying that the world is heating...... Read More
Posted by greatmartin with 3 comments

A Thousand Years...Christina Perri *edited

I had a vivid dream... It was you ­čĺť­čĺť­čĺť In a perfect world, right? Or not...Choices made. Life goes on. ****SOOO....I'm told that not only do I already live in a perfect world, but that I...... Read More
Posted by bluesonrisas with 2 comments

Dried Up

Dried Up - When an entire continent dries up, what the hell can you do besides put your head in the sand? Read More
Posted by udontsay with 2 comments

should the democratic party pick a moderate, even a gay moderate? Why?? Fear??

This is an expansion of a response to another article I read. The person was saying that the democrats were playing a dangerous game. More specifically, that the United States is not ready for a gay...... Read More
Posted by scenefromtheleft with 2 comments

Gay marriage will ruin the world? LOL

Gay couples have less stress in their marriages than their heterosexual or lesbian counterparts, according to a team of researchers who studied the issue, while lesbian couples report less marital st...... Read More
Posted by GreatGayAuthor with 1 comments

Music Documentary

I found this documentary interesting mainly because I'm a fan of the music. I still listen to many of the bands & over the last few years have got a few records of my favorites (vinyls). :)...... Read More
Posted by gingerdoxie with 1 comments

BB Lidera Alta De Juros Do Empr├ęstimo Pessoal Em Fevereiro, Diz Procon

Primeiro ETF De Renda Fixa Estreia Com Alta De 0,50% Pela BolsaIndependentemente do seu n├şvel de discernimento como investidor, se voc├¬ perceber e seguir alguns detalhes poder├í aprimorar a rentabil...... Read More
Posted by chandraratley with 0 comments

Conceito De Taxa De Juros, Defini├ž├úo E O Que é

Como Administrar Bem O Dinheiro E O Sal├írioA taxa de juros ├ę um ├şndice utilizado em economia e finan├žas para marcar a rentabilidade de uma poupan├ža ou o gasto de um cr├ędito. Chama-se taxa de jur...... Read More
Posted by nampoorman361 with 0 comments

Auto Clubs: by No Means be Concerned About A Dead Battery once More

Stash items like these in your car: flashlight, flares, gas-line antifreeze like HEET and lock de-icer, window de-icer, small shovel incase you get plowed in, fully charged cell phone and/or change fo...... Read More
Posted by lauyu01kyvsma with 0 comments

Guia Pr├ítico Pra Investir O Dinheiro No Tesouro Direto, Que Rende Mais Que A Poupan├ža

Planejamento Financeiro E A Forma├ž├úo Do Mil├¬nio: O problema Do S├ęculoÔÇö O investidor, antes, s├│ podia fazer resgates no hor├írio das 18h ├ás 5h do dia seguinte. Desde o dia tr├¬s de dezembro, el...... Read More
Posted by eduardolima4870 with 0 comments

Investir Em Terreno Ou Poupan├ža, Descubra Sem demora O Melhor Investimento

Entre Os Empres├írios Assim como Houve Opini├ÁesMuitas fam├şlias se perguntam como resistir com o reajuste da mensalidade e a compra do instrumento escolar para o pr├│ximo ano letivo dos filhos. Reina...... Read More
Posted by trinidadcantara with 0 comments

Bancos Com Melhores Taxas De Juros Para Empr├ęstimos

Aprenda A Calcular Os Juros Do Cheque EspecialA ├║ltima reuni├úo do Comit├¬ de Pol├ştica Monet├íria (COPOM) aconteceu pela ├║ltima quarta-feira (19), e foi decidido manter a taxa Selic em 6,5% ao ano...... Read More
Posted by jedmaurice024 with 0 comments

Exactly What Is Your Kitty Seeking To Inform You? Discover With One Of These Tips!

How To Help Keep Your New Dog HealthfulKittens and cats have fascinating personalities. They could make do by themselves but nevertheless benefit from the firm of people. It is so calm and tranquil to...... Read More
Posted by clararocha1297 with 0 comments

Toy Shopping for Is simple When You realize What To Do

Are You Going Toy Shopping? The data You Need!Are you in quest of the perfect toy? Has toy buying develop into a daunting expertise as a result of complexity of all the differing types in the marketpl...... Read More
Posted by lloyddeleon126 with 0 comments

Internet Design Onerous? Strive Using This recommendation!

Web Design Arduous? Try Utilizing This recommendation!Do you want to dwell free and make your personal hours whereas making good cash proper at house? This is everybody's dream but few truly acco...... Read More
Posted by arianneculpepper with 0 comments

Das abgestufte Federkleid kann genau sein

Wenn Sie andererseits ein sexy Kleid suchen, das Ihren K÷rper einfach umarmt, k÷nnen Sie es auch auf der Website finden. Es gibt mehrfarbige Kleider und blaue Drapierungsstile, die Ihnen diesen verfŘh...... Read More
Posted by hakameni with 0 comments

Helpful Residence Enchancment Suggestions Everyone Should Study

Pamper Your property With Improvement Ideas And SuggestionsIf you aren't a professional home enchancment worker, there's always information that may assist you to full your jobs. Should you...... Read More
Posted by hildafrankfurter with 0 comments

Altera├ž├Áes Pontuais Nas Carteiras Dos Analistas Tentam Driblar Volatilidade

Altera├ž├Áes Pontuais Nas Carteiras Dos Analistas Tentam Driblar VolatilidadeQuando o conte├║do ├ę investimento, o melhor a se fazer ├ę pesquisar as op├ž├Áes com calma pra findar n├úo perdendo tempo e...... Read More
Posted by ervinaird840 with 0 comments

odzyskiwanie danych windows 8.1

odzyskiwanie danych jarocin bialystok kosztujeResort zaaprobowa┼é objawieniem skaza┼äc├│w lot├│w kompleksach, a zarzuci┼é ukoi─ç Polak├│w, i┼╝ przekazane pewne i dosz┼éy grabule rzezimieszk├│w. Uwzgl─...... Read More
Posted by wedgeview14syhcgg with 0 comments

odzyskiwanie danych praca

odzyskiwanie danych z kosza windows 10 wordaOdgaduje obiekty przekształcania personaliach: tożsame z elementarnymi, odmienne dodatkowo projekty sprzeczne z starym planem przekształcania poszczegól...... Read More
Posted by glassbit42xowccd with 0 comments

jak odzyska─ç dane z uszkodzonego dysku zewn─Ötrznego

odzyskiwanie danych instalki fujitsuKataster istot transformuj─ůcych mo┼╝liwo┼Ťci prze┼éo┼╝ony Ofiarowanych Osobowych wysy┼éa epistolarne uprawnienia bli┼║nim atestowanym sporz─ůdzania darowanych osob...... Read More
Posted by wagnerbragg53ljkhta with 0 comments

Corpora├ž├úo Que Cresceu Com Aplicativos Aposta Em Incont├íveis Projetos Ao Mesmo Tempo

M├íquina Do TempoS├úo Paulo - Quer colocar seu dinheiro em a├ž├Áes ou t├ştulos p├║blicos, todavia n├úo faz a menor ideia de como escolher a corretora? O estudo a acompanhar mostra as que t├¬m o melhor...... Read More
Posted by leticiacosta38 with 0 comments

odzyskiwanie skasowanych filmow

odzyskiwanie danych windows 8.1 ekranProtok├│┼é wystawia, kt├│ry psota przypuszczalnie sprosta─ç jakim stanowi wymy┼Ťlenie maniery sercem wiadomo┼Ťciach gwoli procedur podpartej du┼╝o chmarach. ┼Üwiat...... Read More
Posted by stensgaardmcclanahan57dx with 0 comments


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